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Success Stories

Two Ducks Luck Out

November 3, 2016 - 

Healing Haven is proud to be able to help all types of animals in need…

Logan the Pit Bull

October 24, 2016 - 

Logan, a six month old blue-nosed pit bull, was hit by a car a few…

Timmy the Cat

October 13, 2016 - 

Timmy was presented to the animal hospital for severe symptoms associated with vestibular syndrome. He…

Faith the Kitten

September 28, 2016 - 

Faith is a 10 week old kitten brought to the emergency clinic in critical condition. She…

Saki the Shih Tzu

September 28, 2016 - 

Saki is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu whom is very loved by her family. Sadly, she…

Red the Dachshund

August 5, 2016 - 

Red is a beautiful three-year-old dachshund who sadly became acutely paralyzed last week due to…

Bruno the French Bulldog

July 14, 2016 - 

Since the day Bruno┬ácame into his owner’s life, he┬áhas been such an important part of…